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Individual Flags with Brass Grommets

Individual International Code of Signals Flag with Brass Grommets are made from high quality marine nylon, sewn with double-stitched seams in approved colors. Made in size 0,2,3,7,10,14
When ordering flags please specify the flag name.
080839-IND Size 0 Nylon
1x1 1/4' With Brass Grommets
080839-IND Size 0 Nylon
1x1 1/4' With Brass Grommets
080840-IND Size 2 Nylon
1.5x2' With Brass Grommets
080843-IND Size 3 Nylon
2x2' With Brass Grommets
080841-IND Size 7 Nylon
3x3' With Brass Grommets
080838-IND Size 10 Nylon
4x4' With Brass Grommets
080842-IND Size 14 Nylon
4x6' With Brass Grommets

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