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Sicily Official Government Flags

Sicily Flags, Flag of Sicily are made from high quality nylon, specially treated to resist sun and chemical deterioration.
Are you aware? The Sicilian flag has a long history dating back at least until the Sicilian Vespers in 1282. The two main colors, red and yellow, represented, respectively, Palermo and Corleone, the two founding cities of the confederation against the Angevin rulers. In 2000 the Regional Government of Sicily officially adopted the flag and since then it has hung from all official buildings.
35SICILY 3x5 feet E-Poly
2 brass grommets
35SICILY 3x5 feet E-Poly
2 brass grommets
033687 4x6 inches E-Poly
10 '' staff
SICILY1218 12x18 inches Polyester
Mounted on 24'' wood staff
SICILY35IND 3x5 feet Indoor/Parade Flag
Presentation Flag with Golden Fringe, pole sleeve
SICILY35SET 3x5 feet Indoor Parade Flag Set
3x5' nylon flag .pole hem fringe, 8' oak pole, 1'' golden stand, tassels, golden spear
SCV1218 12x18 inches Polyester
Car window flag mounted on 24'' plastic bracket

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