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Chickasaw Tribe Flags

Chickasaw Tribe Flags are made from high quality fabric. Indoor Parade flags are made with golden fringe and pole hem. Complete Flag set: 8 feet oak pole, gold spear, tassels, 3x5 ft flag with golden fringe, 12'' golden floor stand. These Flags are made to order only, if not in stock, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery
Are you aware? The Chickasaw Tribe are traditionally from  Southeastern Woodlands. Their territory was in the Southeastern Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee. They are of the Muskogean language family and are federally recognized as the Chickasaw Nation.
CHICKASAW35 3x5 feet Nylon
2 brass grommets
CHICKASAW35 3x5 feet Nylon
2 brass grommets
CHICKASAW46 4x6 feet Nylon
brass grommets
CHICKASAW58 5x8 feet Nylon
brass grommets
CHICKASAW35IND 3x5 feet Indoor/Parade Flag
Presentation Flag with Golden Fringe
CHICKASAW35SET 3x5 feet Indoor Parade Flag Set
With 8 ft flagpole, floor stand, 3x5 ft flag, fringe, golden spear, tassels

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