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Roma Gypsy Flags

Gypsy Flags are made from 100% nylon, 2 brass grommets. Indoor/parade flags are made with pole sleeve, golden fringe
Are you aware? Gypsy Flags, Roma Flags, Romani Flag is the International Flag of the Romani People. It was adopted by the Uniunea Generala a Romilor din Romania in 1933, and approved by  World Romani Congress in 1971 in London, UK .Romani flag is blue and green, representing the heavens and earth, in the center the red chakra, spooked wheel, representing the migratory heritage of the Romani Gypsy people.
35PF 3x5 feet Polyester
Outdoor Flag with 2 brass grommets
35PF 3x5 feet Polyester
Outdoor Flag with 2 brass grommets
35GNF 3x5 feet Nylon
Outdoor Flag with 2 brass grommets
35GIND 3x5 feet Indoor/Presentation Flag Set
3x5' flag, gold fringe, 8' oak flagpole, 12'' floor stand, golden tassels, spear.

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