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US Army National Guard Flags

Army National Guard Flags are made from 100 % nylon with 2 brass grommets or pole sleeve 
Are you aware? Army National Guard is the oldest component of the US armed forces. Militia companies were formed with the first English settlement at Jamestown in 1607. The Army National Guard consists of the "land force" of the United States National Guard. The ANG is a reserve component of the US Army and are under command of the state's governor.
907AN 3x5 feet Nylon
Outdoor Flag with 2 brass grommets
907AN 3x5 feet Nylon
Outdoor Flag with 2 brass grommets
414AN 3x5 feet Indoor/Presentation Flag
Presentation Flag with pole sleeve and golden fringe
414SET 3x5 feet Indoor/Presentation Flag Set
3x5' flag with pole sleeve & gold fringe, 8' oak flagpole, 12'' floor stand, golden eagle and tessels

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