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US Marine Corps Guidon Flags

US Marine Corps Guidon Flags are double sided and made from high quality nylon. The logo and lettering reads correctly on both sides. Made in USA according to the US Army Regulation Code 840-10. Size 22x28 inches with brass grommets or pole hem . If you need any additional numbers or letters placed onto the guidon, we can do it at no charge. All guidons are made to order only, if not in stock please allow 10 days for delivery
Are you aware ? A US Marine Corps Guidon is always rectangular, 22 by 28 inches with a scarlet field and gold lettering, and USMC Logo
USMCGUIDON 22x27.75 inches Nylon
brass grommets
USMCGUIDON 22x27.75 inches Nylon
brass grommets
USMCGUIDON101 22x27.75 inches Indoor/Presentation Flag
pole sleeve

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