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Prince Edward Island Flags

 Prince Edward Island Flags Canadian Provinces are made from high quality nylon with brass grommets or pole sleeve and golden fringe  
Are  you aware? Prince Edward Island Flag was adopted March 24, 1964. Flag features the English heraldic lion which appeared both on the coat of arms of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent.Small oak representing the three counties Prince, Queens, and Kings, under the protection of a great oak tree which represents Great Britain. This symbolism is also reflected in the provincial motto, Parva sub ingenti  "the small under the protection of the great".
034737 3x5 feet Nylon
Outdoor Flag with 2 brass grommets
034737 3x5 feet Nylon
Outdoor Flag with 2 brass grommets
034737IND 3x5 feet Indoor/Parade Flag
Presentation Flag 3x5 feet with pole sleeve and golden fringe
034737SET 3x5 feet Indoor Parade Flag Set
8 feet oak flagpole, 3x5' nylon flag, golden spear, 12'' floor stand, golden tassel

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