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Saskatchewan Flags

Saskatchewan flag, Canadian Provinces & Territories are made from high quality nylon with brass grommets or pole sleeve and golden fringe 
Are you aware? The flag of Saskatchewan Canada was adopted in 1969. The upper half is green, representing the northern forested areas of the province; the lower half is gold, representing the southern grain areas. The shield of arms of Saskatchewan is in the upper quarter near the staff and the provincial floral emblem the western red lily
034739 3x5 feet Nylon
Outdoor Flag with 2 brass grommets
034739 3x5 feet Nylon
Outdoor Flag with 2 brass grommets
034739IND 3x5 feet Indoor/Presentation Flag
Presentation Flag 3x5 feet with pole sleeve and golden fringe
034739SET 3x5 feet Indoor/Presentation Flag Set
8 feet oak flagpole, 3x5' nylon flag, golden spear, 12'' floor stand, golden tassel

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