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US Coast Guard Ensign Flags

US Coast Guard Ensign Flags. USCG Ensigns are made from marine quality nylon 
Are you aware? US Coast Guard Ensign Flag was adopted in August 1799. The ensign was made with canton of the flag, 13 stars, 13 leaves olive branch, 13 arrows and 13 bars to the shield. All corresponded to the number of states constituting the union at the time the nation was established. The 16 vertical stripes in the body are symbolic of the number of States composing the Union when this ensign was officially adopted.
VGSP0275 15x24 inches Nylon
Size 5 with 2 grommets
VGSP0275 15x24 inches Nylon
Size 5 with 2 grommets
VGSP0274 30x38 inches Nylon
Size 4 with 2 grommets
VGSP015 5x8 feet Nylon
Size 3 with ring, snap, roped heading

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